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About us: How we don’t know them – Iwona

Text: Iwona Kamińska

My name is Iwona. I come from a small town Jaworzynka, which is located in the south of Silesian Beskydy. That is where my adventure with cross-country skiing began, which I later took up professionally as a member of the Polish national team. This sport required frequent trips to training camps, mostly in the mountains.

I currently live in Cieszyn. My friend convinced me to go hiking. My biggest “success” was con-quering Rysy. It was my first real expedition. The way to the top was challenging at times, but also exciting, especially the sections where it was necessary to hold on to chains. The views that were all around rewarded all the effort and hardships of climbing. On the way to the top I discovered beautiful mountain nooks, mountain forests, gurgling streams and crystal clear mountain lakes. This vastness of rocks and space made a great impression on me. When I reached the summit after a few hours of climbing, I was filled with a sense of pride and satisfaction that I had conquered and overcome all the obstacles. The panorama that stretched out when viewed from the summit was breathtaking and gave a sense of freedom. Those who have not seen it may regret it.

I highly recommend this type of relaxation. It was definitely not my last climb. I am planning to climb Gerlach.