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Text: Jaroslav Drahoš | Photo: AI

Dear Colleagues,

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is constantly being talked about as one of the latest technologies that can analyse and interpret large amounts of data and produce comprehensible and engaging texts. So we thought we’d ask it to help us create our editorial. And how did it handle it?

Judge yourself…

We are pleased to present you the new edition of our company newsletter, which is dedicated to the wonderful summer season and unforgettable holidays this time. With the warm sunshine on your face and a pleasant breeze at your back, we’ll look together at inspiring stories from our colleagues, travel tips and other tips to help you to fill these sunny months with unforgettable experiences.

Summer is a season that many of us is looking forward to. It’s a time when we can take a break from the hustle of everyday’s life and enjoy our hobbies and loved ones. Many of us are going on holiday to discover new corners of our beautiful planet and to enjoy some relaxing moments in a favourite place that we return to year after year. However, a holiday is undoubtedly not just about travelling, but also about relaxing and recharging. It’s a time for relaxing the mind, for creating unforgettable memories and for meaningful reunions with our loved ones.

You may have heard of the so-called holiday effect. Studies show that regular rest and holidays have many positive effects on our health. For example, they reduce the risk of heart disease, lower stress and tension levels, improve sleep, and even increase productivity and creativity. That’s why it’s important not to only plan your holidays, but also take time to relax and regenerate.

To spice things up, here’s a little travel joke: Although some people are worried of AI, everyone is surprisingly friendly on vacation, because what’s better than sharing a sunny beach with someone who doesn’t sweat?


What do you say, would you recognize that this part of the editorial was written by an artificial intelligence? I was interested enough to ask her another question: “What’s your wish for the summer to the creators of printed books?”

I wish them that their creativity and artistic work will continue in endless symbiosis with technology. Let AI help with precise formatting, optimal font selection and perfect page layout, while creators can focus fully on their passion and conveying their stories through beautifully printed books. May their books become an inspiration to new generations of readers who appreciate the artistic legacy associated with the smell and texture of paper.

I hope this wish will please all creators of printed books. I wish you sunny days full of  endless creative enthusiasm!

What else can I say? Have a wonderful summer and lots of unforgettable moments!

Have a nice summer!

Jarek Drahoš & AI