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From the printing house: We supported…

Text: Kateřina Misiarzová

We really care about the future. And how can we most effectively do our part to improve it? By investing time and resources in children and youth, and to the environment in which we live.

We believe that, as a responsible business, investing in sustainable development and education of children and youth is always a good choice. That is why we have been supporting schools, kindergartens or a number of extracurricular activities and non-profit organizations, especially in our city of Český Těšín and its surrounding area. FINIDR’s cooperation with schools has a long history and remains a key element of our company’s strategy.

Within the framework of extracurricular activities, we want to stand primarily behind activities that develop children and young people and aim at their technical education.

For thirteen years we have been helping the Rocket Club and thanks to our patient work with children we have already won several world championships. Rocket Club Silesia Olza brings together children mainly from the 3rd grade of primary school but also some high school and university students join the space model club. This year the Rocket Club participated on our FINIDR Day.

This year we also supported the Volunteer Fire Brigade in Cesky Tesin. Thanks to our financial donation for a new trailer, young volunteer can now participate in fire attack competitions, which is a very important and popular discipline for young firefighters.

Our help goes to the Society for the Support of People with Intellectual Disabilities every year as well. We regularly support the association in their leisure activities. Our material and financial support enables the association to carry out a range of sports, rehabilitation, cultural and social activities for disabled children and young people. Any help of this kind, as they say themselves, brings them closer to achieving their goals and dreams.

We also cooperate with the organization People in Need. Among other things, this organization organizes the annual International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival “One World”. We participate in this event by printing promotional materials, which help with the visibility of the event among pupils and students. In addition, by supporting this festival, FINIDR has gained the status of a fair and civically responsible company.

Thanks to our help, the 3rd edition of the reading festival Every Czech reads to Kids could happen, which brought countless experiences, stories and joyful encounters with culture, literature and reading.

Climate protection, ecology and sustainable development is also a big topic for FINIDR. We are constantly working on reducing CO2 emissions and offsetting our environmental impact with our activities every year. Thanks to our commitment to plant one new tree for every contract we carry out, our financial and practical support has also gone into reforestation in the Beskydy Mountains.

We believe that supporting all these activities makes sense. We are happy to help where it is needed.

We do business responsibly

Our support is focused on the following areas:

  • regional clubs and associations
  • All the Czech Republic reads to children
  • planting trees in the Beskydy Mountains
  • Albrecht High School
  • school and extracurricular activities in our town
  • organizations supporting in particular the development and education of children and youth
  • and many more