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From the printing house: Every opinion matters!

Text: Lenka Ďurišová

Have you noticed the giant board at the entrance to the cafeteria? From now on, we’ll be able to use it to express our opinions. Various questions will be asked here, we’ll vote, we’ll ask questions…

We started by asking you how you like the food. In just two weeks, we’ve got a pretty good idea.

Thank you for your involvement, as your feedback is a key to improving the quality of the food and we will continue to work with these results.

What does the word RESPONSIBILITY mean to you?
The second questi on was a bit trickier. But you sti ll went to the trouble of thinking about something other than whether you had ordered a steak or sirloin steak on your way to have lunch.

We had a number of great responses. Most of them could be classified into one of the following groups:

1. I always put quality first
2. Finishing things up
3. I do the work to the best of my knowledge and conscience
4. I try to save costs and the environment by my actions
5. I do my job with a love for books

And I can’t help but agree with that. Thank you for your involvement and we look forward to your further responses and feedback.