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This way out of boredom: Cycling along the Jura Krakowska

A few dozen kilometres to the north, near our neighbours, about 50 km from Katowice, is the Eagle’s Nest Landscape Park.

It is a limestone highland that is interspersed with rocks, beautiful castles, chateaus and ruins. There are more than 15 castles and ruins in this small piece of land. Anyone who enjoys cycling, nice walks through beautiful countryside and having amazing views of monumental historical buildings should visit this corner of the country.

For fans of cycling, I recommend starting in the town of Ogrodzieniec, which is located below the landmark of the region, Ogrodzienec Castle. The ancient ruins, built on a rock at 500 m above sea level, will completely captivate you and only whet your appetite to get to know the area better.

Further north, you ride along quiet cycle paths that lead to another castle – Bąkowiec, where you can marvel at the precision with which our ancestors built a small fortress in the rocks. There is also an opportunity to refresh yourself in a cosy café before continuing on your way to Góra Zborów.

Here, on the other hand, you will enjoy the rock formations and a small rock labyrinth. Then just drive through a beautiful pine grove and find yourself under the Mirów Castle. Wonderful views and a pleasant journey through the hills, on foot or by bike, I can only recommend.

On the way back I would definitely visit the nearest sandy desert – Pustynia Błędowska.