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This way out of boredom: Beauty of Slovakia

Text: Jiří Matuszek

Who wants to see four Slovak national parks in one day and maybe a little more? If so then visit Veľký Choč, Liptovský hrad, the pub in Valaská Dubová and … don’t forget to pack swimwear with you!

Near to Ružomberok, while heading the Western Tatras, is a beautiful pyramid standing named Veľký Choč – 1,611 m above sea level. The best place to start the hike is the small spa town Lúčky. From here you can hike along the red hiking trail with beautiful views all the way to the top. The top of the mountain offers incredible views of the four national parks of Slovakia. The High Tatras to the east, the Low Tatras, Veľká Fatra to the south and the Malá Fatra ridge to the west. All this is enhanced by the Slovak lake Liptovská Mara.

A skilled hiker can take the way back to the car across the small village of Kalameny and before the reward – a thermal bath – he can climb to Liptovský castle, which is the highest placed ruin in Slovakia. The tired body deserves a good rest, so get into your swimsuit and jump into the heated lake, which will surely delight you with its free entry and temperature of around 35°C.

In the end, I recommend visiting the village of Valaská Dubová on the way home, where according to legend Juraj Jánošik was trapped, and where you can taste traditional “halušky” (gnocchi) with Bryndza cheese.