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About us: How satisfied are you

Roman Bromnik
Assistant Production Manager
I joined FINIDR more than half a year ago, and since I am originally from another industry, it was clear that at the beginning it would be mainly about training. I gradually went through training on the binding line, the cover maker, and after a few months I also had the opportunity to experience the process from the perspective of the heads of the bindery department, with whom I spent a few weeks. The first six months were mainly about the variety of work, new experiences every day, and helpful colleagues who are always willing to give advice. I very much appreciate the space that is given to newcomers in order to train them as effectively as possible, as well as the FINIDR Academy and other supportive training opportunities.

One of the main reasons I chose FINIDR was the functional strategy, which is increasingly evident in our daily operations. I believe it differs us from other companies and contributes to securing our future in these difficult and unpredictable times. I am glad to be part of it.

Christopher Matthew Fiter
After just a few months at FINIDR, I could not imagine that I would work in another company. The most important value in my life is family. The family atmosphere at working place helped me to quickly adapt into the working group, although I’m an introvert person. My tutors are very helpful and kind, and I work very well with them.