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From the printing house: Forthcoming

Text: Maryla Adamčíková, Ondřej Prokop


We are putting together an exercise program to prevent carpal tunnel, a condition caused by compression of the median nerve in the wrist.

Long-term repetition of the same hand movements, especially when combined with incorrect posture, can lead to the development of this condition. Regular exercise and stretching of the hands and wrists can help keep muscles and joints in good condition, reduce tension and improve blood flow.

To help prevent overuse and the development of carpal tunnel, we provide a 15-minute one-on-one session with our rehabilitation staff who will exercise the wrist, provide a massage, lubricate the limb with a special product and, of course, demonstrate exercises to do at home. The pilot project is already running, our production colleagues have had a chance to try out the personal consultation with the exercises and are excited about the idea. The anticipated launch is from January 2024. We will provide details on the options and application process in due course.

Next year of the Corporate League is just around the corner!

With the new year, the start of the Corporate League in badminton and bowling is also approaching.

We’ll be playing every Wednesday from 17 January to 27 March 2024 at Activity4Fun in Český Těšín.

Compare your strength with other colleagues! Will the 2023 winners defend their titles? That will be decided on the courts or lanes. Be there!

Registration will be open soon.