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From the printing house: Brigade of the ADAM organisation

Text: Miroslava Kupková 

In August we welcomed back the boys from ADAM association who spent two weeks with us. All three boys were very happy with the brigade and became valuable reinforcements in the handicraft workplace.

Our staff were very complimentary about their work. Of course, we are grateful for their support they give to the ADAM boys. We asked Mrs Gerdová, the director of the association, to say a few words about the brigade and the benefits for autistic children:

“It is very difficult for people with autistic spectrum disorder to adapt to a new environment, to communicate with strangers, to navigate in unfamiliar surroundings or to ask for help. That is why we very much welcome FINIDR’s helpfulness in organising a brigade for young people with autism, which is a great benefit for them.

Thanks to a considerate approach, our students develop the skills step by step and they will apply them in their later jobs. Skills such as teamwork, communication, a sense of self-confidence and most importantly an increase in self-assurance.

One of our students, Filip, was worried about communicating with the staff and the HR department when he first went on a temporary job six years ago. The support he received on his first temporary job, when he was provided with all-time guidance, made him feel more confident. On following brigades, Filip became a guide for his friends himself.

Thanks to the accommodating conditions of FINIDR management and the employees themselves, this brigade is not only a safe place for our young people, but also makes them feel like part of the team. This gives them the opportunity to experience a sense of achievement and overcome their fears when starting a new job.”