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From the printing house: ISO 50001 recertification

Text: Radek Dadák

Last autumn we managed to defend our ISO 50001 certificate. In preparation for the first surveillance audit of TÜV SUD’s Energy Management System (EnMS), we focused on meeting the requirements of ISO 50001, the ability to achieve the intended objectives and identifying areas for potential improvement.

The audit then focused on reviewing changes in the organisation and eliminating non-conformities since the last audit, reviewing documents and records of the management system. This was followed by interviews with EnMS staff and a tour of the sites with an emphasis on sites with significant energy use. The audit focused on continuously improving the energy efficiency of the organisation.

In conclusion, the audit manager stated that the audit objectives were met and our EnMS management system is effective and capable of achieving the expected results. The defined scope of the EnMS meets the requirements for certification and the needs of the organisation. The established process for internal audits and reviews of the EnMS is capable of improving its effectiveness over the long term and the organisation’s management system is in compliance with the requirements of the Criteria Standard and internal procedures.

Therefore, the lead auditor recommended to the certification body the continued validity of our certificate.

Although we prepared for the certificate during a challenging season, we achieved a great result without finding any non-compliance. With one recommendation for closer monitoring of electricity usage and three positive comments relating to targets, communication and maintenance planning.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the result.