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From the printing house: New machines under our roof

Text: Radek Dadák 

The times we live in are completely unpredictable, but despite this, FINIDR’s management has decided to invest into technologies this year, what should help us to meet the increasing demands of our clients as efficiently as possible.

What will our machinery fleet expand this year with?

Kolbus board machine
A latest model from a traditional folder manufacturer packed with capabilities for producing a wide range of book covers.

Meccanotecnica Aster Pro sewing machine with connection to the Multiplex binding system
A second sewing machine will be added to the twenty-eight station Aster Pro and the first Aster Pro sewing machine this year, creating a sewing line that can flexibly carry and sew larger ranges of books on two sewing machines.

Sakurai screen print machine
For the covers and jackets refinement, FINIDR decided to purchase a screen-printing machine from the Japanese manufacturer Sakurai. This will expand our possibilities of refining our books.

Sheets stamping machine KAMA
After a long selecting process, we decided to purchase a hot stamping machine from KAMA, a German manufacturer. Compared to the wonderful but somewhat outdated Heidelberg Cylinder, we will increase the stamping capacity and the possibilities of some other effects several times.

Foil wrapper Kallfass
After 11 years of experience with Kallfass book wrapping machines, we will purchase a new machine for wrapping books into foil from the same company in August. We are buying the technology that we already know, so we will definitely be able to make the transition to the new wrapper at the beginning of the season without any major problems and wrap everything we produce.

MBO K8 and K8 RS folders
Two new MBO folding machines will arrive in July, the brand new K8 RS and the renewed K8. They will replace the two least efficient folding machines.