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From the printing house: FINIDR – we are a European player 2009-2014

Text: Jaroslav Drahoš, Kateřina Misiarzová

The world is in the midst of one of the biggest crises in 80 years. There is great uncertainty everywhere, competition is huge and it is clear to us that only the best will survive in the long term. This is a very challenging period for FINIDR, but also an extremely successful one in many areas.

Jaroslav Drahoš became the sole owner of the printing house in 2009. We begin a drastic revision of our client portfolio, enter the Western markets and succeed in acquiring new creditworthy customers abroad. We are still growing and we want to be known even more. We are visible at all major trade fairs with regional and global renown. We are focusing on a new image for the printing company, changing the website and logo. Marketing activities contribute to a substantial visibility, especially in the markets of Western Europe.

We invest in new cutting-edge technologies and machinery, but above all we invest heavily in the development and training of our employees. In 2012, we established our own in-house training centre, FINIDR Academy, and subsequently introduced a Code of Conduct. We are fundamentally pushing productivity and quality forward, putting FINIDR at the top of the printing industry and enabling it to compete with the best in the business.

Over the past twenty years, thanks to the love of our craft, the hard work of all of us and the goodwill of our clients, the printing house has become the leading producer of paperback and hardback books in Europe. During this period, an average of 60,000 books a day have been sent from our printing house to various countries around the world, in several languages and in a variety of different designs.

Monika Ocieczková
Marketing Specialist (currently on parental leave)
What brought me to FINIDR was the desire to learn something new. I was attracted by the environment of books and the background of a big Czech company. It is very important for me personally who I work for, the philosophy of the company, also the working environment and how I am valued. There is a common respect for former employees, there are events, St. Nicholas parties for the children of employees, help with financial difficulties, support for sports and health activities, charity, etc. I have the advantage of comparison with my previous employers and I feel comfortable at FINIDR, it is my heartland. I like the fact that when help is needed in production, people from the office go and pull together. I’m grateful to have connected part of my life with this company and would love to come back here after my maternity leave. I think we have a good future ahead of us, despite the technological advances of e-books. If Gutenberg is watching from heaven, he’s happy for us.

Michal Strnad
Head of Printer Operations
When I came on board FINIDR, my knowledge of printing and book production was minimal. Over time, I discovered how demanding, but on the other hand interesting, printing is. I gained experience thanks to the people on my shift who initiated me into the ins and outs of printing and pleasantly surprised me with their independence. Since I started, everything has gone much faster. Production orders used to be printed in the past, now they are electronic. Orders used to be checked out using barcode scanners, now it’s much easier on an online schedule. At FINIDR, we are constantly looking for new opportunities and taking on new challenges to push us further. We can always help each other. For example, in the fall of 2018, we put 19 books in one shubber. On Thursday, we figured out logistically how to make it the fastest. On Friday morning, staff from different departments came to help and in three hours it was done.

Vladimir Vlk
production dispatcher
At that time there was no FINIDR Academy, which helps to better orientate new employees when they start. There was no time for longer training to get a better perception and overview of production. Because, as we all know, at FINIDR the holidays start in July and the Christmas season starts in August. After one month I was assigned a shift. It was a period of learning and getting to know each other. The shift workers helped me a lot at that time, teaching me and passing on their know-how. I have to say that after my first Christmas season, I could say that I understood a little bit about bookmaking.

Valerie Děrdová now Gáborová
production engineer (now process technician)
The “Talent in Manufacturing” program included a workshop where we had to choose an area that needed improvement. This is how the “First Aid Book” project was created, listing the most common problems in folding and how to solve them. I can say for myself that this opportunity gave me a lot. People learn all the time at these machines and it doesn’t matter how long they’ve been there. It’s a very varied job, even if it doesn’t look like it. The team is also important, which is great on the jigsaws. I’m glad to be a part of this company and help create something so beautiful, namely books.

Radka Šušková
New Dimension, s.r.o.
I entered FINIDR for the first time in 2010. A lot has changed in those nine years. The company’s turnover has multiplied, it has grown in terms of the number of people, it now has significantly larger premises and a whole range of new technologies that it uses to print books all over the world. But what has remained the same and unique over the years is the heart that the people at FINIDR put into their work. The people at FINIDR are genuine and proud of what they do. Over the years of working with them, I have had the opportunity to get to know many of them and I know that they breathe for FINIDR and the word loyalty is not a platitude. Their relationship with FINIDR starts with Jaroslav Drahoš, with whom people want to create the future. I remember my first meeting with Jarda. Charismatic, energetic, visionary and above all a wonderful person. In one minute he was able to sweep me away for all the ideas he wanted to implement together with us in the company. In his presence, one feels that he can do anything he sets his mind to. He gives energy and the ability to believe in the impossible.