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From the printing house: Audit to the carbon footprint management plan

Text: Dagmar Kempná

Already for the seventh time, representatives from our company and Preferred by Nature met to audit our corporate and product carbon footprint. During the meeting, not only the 2022 carbon footprint results were presented, but also plans for reducing the carbon footprint in the coming periods. The auditors verified the accuracy of the input data for the calculation, the methodology and the calculation of the carbon footprint itself. We had to demonstrate the specific actions that achieved the reduction result and together we discussed what actions FINIDR wants to take in the future to help reducing the impact of greenhouse gases to the environment.

So how did FINIDR succeed?

We produced 19,789 tonnes of CO2 in all of last year’s production. When compared to 2015 and converted to one tonne of books, we improved by 59.1%, i.e. we reduced our carbon footprint by 40,9%. That’s a great result! Buying 100% renewable energy continues to be one of the key steps in helping us achieve this success. However, other actions such as better organizing of truck loads for dispatch, purchase of electric vehicles and the environmentally friendly disposal of e-waste are also helping us to do this.

Today, there is a great deal of emphasis on environmental policy worldwide. FINIDR is also able to communicate its commitment to planet Earth clearly and openly by monitoring its carbon footprint.