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From the printing house: School Friendly | Expanding own electricity production

Text: Miroslava Kupková, Kamil Szczurek

School Friendly

The fifth annual competition to recognise companies that work with and support different types of schools was announced this year.

The common denominator is the promotion of collaboration between schools and companies in the Moravian-Silesian Region. The competition will evaluate the innovativeness of the project, long-term sustainability, added value for the companies involved, the scope of cooperation and the societal impact.

Our printing company is participating in the competition for the third time in the category COMPANIES, which is intended for companies actively cooperating with schools in our region. These businesses not only connect and develop collaborations between schools and the business sector, but also take on a shared responsibility for future generations. Over the years, FINIDR has built a strong position in the field of cooperation with schools, supporting extracurricular activities for children and youth and various charitable organisations or non-profit projects. Thanks to these activities, we meet all the criteria for participation in the competition.

The awarding of the most successful companies will take place in December at the gala evening REGION FOR SELF.


Expanding own electricity production

For more than a year we have been operating our own photovoltaic power plant with an installed capacity of 830 kWp on the roofs of halls C and D. We are now preparing to install an extension of 437 kWp so that we can take full advantage of the sunny days next summer and further save on electricity bills.

In fact, we will cover all the parts of the roofs that can be loaded with PV panels. We will bring you more information once the installation is complete.